Getting things done- the oxygen of leadership chemistry

If someone asks me- which is the single most important quality of a great leader, I would say- a leader has the ability to get things done. ‘Getting things done’ is quite different from ‘doing the things’ by oneself. To be able to get things done- she needs to trust others as she trusts herself. She needs to understand the work conceptually and anticipate who will be able to do what. Thereafter, she must clearly communicate what is expected from the different team members and what they are going to accomplish in what time.

Assignment of work to your people is just the initial step towards getting things done. While the people are at work, the leader is busy anticipating the outcomes and difficulties that are likely to obstruct her vision. She is also challenged with keeping a watch over her people without being too intrusive and intervening. Because if she starts interfering on micro basis, people tend to loose initiative and shin responsibility. In place of applying their own mind to explore the alternatives, they tend to seek her views on every small progress. At the same time, she cannot leave them totally to themselves, because ultimately, she has to make sure that things are happening the way they should.

A startup enterprise typically starts with a team of two or three co-founders putting in their best efforts to build and launch a superior product or process. At the initial stage, it is their own effort and competence that decides whether they will get noticed in the crowd. For this, they need to be really good at what ‘they are doing’. However, in subsequent phases, their ability to delegate and get things done will decide where they actually land.

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