55 Miles

55 Miles – Keep track of your everything

  • World Class dynamic chat feature with predefined groups
  • A full overview of your companies jobs that need to be completed or are in progress – their due dates, predefined time zones to evaluate urgency of the job.
  • Timesheets – to get costs of various jobs and to understand who is doing what.
  • Analytics related to client, entities, users and jobs
  • Systematic distribution at user level
  • Notification via sms and emails

A reputed insurance brokerage firm has 80 to 90 users, which caters to the large corporates regarding their corporate insurance needs of different kinds like factory Insurance,  fire insurance, and machine insurance etc. Each insurance kinds have renewals, claims, new policies etc which are handled by different departments in the insurance brokerage firm

These policies are handled by various departments depending on the work  undergoing on that policy. There are some departments, which handle Quality Control with the client, while some Departments, which handle new policies / marketing.

Now to track jobs in various departments becomes quite cumbersome. Either they have to use phone calls to keep a track of the situation or use emails.

By using any of the messengers, the structured communication was missing.

In some of the critical jobs like claims there were cases where the client also needs to have access to the application so even they have the information on the status of the jobs related to their company.

55 Miles is easy to use job management application built for service businesses, available to use on Mobile Handsets and PC’s. 55 Miles helps you stay on top of your workflow by tracking your jobs and team at all times. See whos doing the work in real time. It improves all aspects of your business with CLARITY, CONTROL and COLLABORATION.

CLARITY: about who is responsible for a given client and given job,
CONTROL- over the manhour hour spent by each of your employee, COLLABORATION- real time mechanism to make sure that the whole team on a job is in sync with one another

It’s easy-to-implement solution increases organizational efficiency, maximizes resource utilization, facilitates team collaboration, fosters individual responsibility and productivity.

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