Orange Will

Orange Will

  • World Class dynamic chat feature on the lines of whats app with predefined groups which can be made applicable at various levels such as: Customers, Suppliers, Routes, Salesman, Managers and custom created groups by selecting various users with mobile app notifications.
  • Simple smartphone based solutions, using which you can track if the sales personnel’s visits to the desired customers or not.
  • Provides real-time tracking of the geographical location of the on-ground sales executive’s visits and time spent at each customer at any given moment.
  • Provides real time order booking system where salesman can book orders which can be tracked real time on Mobile Handset by Admins, Managers and stake holders
  • It also provides an option to assign the orders to relevant suppliers for processing.
  • On-Desk sales executive can retrieve and access the information stored in the application to obtain feedback of the salesman visit.
  • Real time surveys can be conducted for newly product launches on the application
  • Real time performance tracking of all the salesman on predefined KRA (key result areas)
  • Analytics related to Orders, Sales, Visits at various levels
  • Systematic distribution at user level
  • Notification via sms and emails

Thirty two years have passed since July 1982 when Jaikaran Herbal (CEO. Mr. Jaikaran) entered the FMCG industry.

Since its foundation, Jaikaran Herbal has developed premium toothpastes and FMCG products

Products with the belief that “we produce either best or nothing.” In addition, they adhere to four tier structure door-to-door sales, comprising of around 80-90 sales executives who visit the shops and outlets at the bottom of distribution hierarchy. Jaikaran herbals have kept this sales policy because they regard the Sales Team not as mere sales people but as “sales messengers.” What is more, they believe that our heart-felt service can enhance customers experience and thus make them happy.

It’s no secret that a company’s sales team’s is the biggest strength and can also be its greatest weakness. There is no single greater influence over the success of the sales organization than how the sales leaders create the sales culture and environment for the people who will work for them. In this case, the performance of the sales team was directly proportional to the sales targets achieved in terms of coverage of outlets and sales made on those outlets. However, accurately monitoring that on-ground is truly a nightmare. Limitations and lack of credibility of this monitoring mechanism was evident with time as many cases of lower coverage stats, insufficient data, unexplained absenteeism and criminal levels of low productivity.

The bottom line, XYZ Herbals were in a dire need of a project to convert the sales management system from traditional inefficient monitoring mechanism to a cloud based management/tracking/analytic system which is accessible on the move with real-time updates. Essentially keeping their team accountable.

After understanding the issue which client faced in tracking the salesman and customer trends, we designed Orange Will application, which not only helps locate a particular salesteam member, but also analyzes his output in terms of visits, orders, sales, new customers added, visit to order conversion ratio and so on.

Moreover it also gave the Sales Head the authority to set up daily task into organized routes assigned to one or more sales representatives. Another feature lets you organize routes into geographical territories by countries and regions, which can be maneuvered independently.

Data can be segregated across various Organisations within a company. Analytics will help evaluating deep understanding at every level: Route, Salesman, Organisation, Suppliers and Managers.

A world class chat messenger collaboration tool at every level in form of predefined groups and access.

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