IOS Development

With the successful launch of iPhone 7 and 7S Plus, Apple has ensured its leadership in the market for the near future. The iPad and the iPhone are the most sought-after gadgets in the world. Known for superior technology with amazing features, worldwide sales of both these gadgets is massive.

The powerful features of this platform help in developing apps that deliver optimal performance and yet are simple and user-friendly. SoftPillars developers and testers offer advanced iOS application development services by exploiting the potential of iPad and iPhone platforms. The success lies in a right app with right functionality at the right time.

Android Development

The Android market has lots of potential and is gaining collective acceptability in the smartphone industry. Businesses can leverage this platform to stay connected with their target audience.

SoftPillar’s Android app developers and testers are well-equipped to handle the latest Android application development processes as they are well updated about the new emerging trends in the Android market. Our Android app developers and testers have undergone training that enables them to come up with the best app development for Android. Our main forte is our user-friendly Android applications that can be operated by anybody.

Web Development

We design, promote, program and deal with leading-edge websites and e-business applications. Our team provides you with the very best of solutions with perfection par excellence.

Our series of Web-based software applications help client’s develop successful online initiatives in the fields of web hosting, website designing, web development, e-commerce solutions, internet marketing, search engine optimization, and much more. Our proficient web strategists make use of the complete bouquet of information technology (IT) services which supports in website promotion on all major search engines.We are easily distinguishable by proficiency, and expertise to make the web development for your business..

UI/UX Designs

A good mobile app should look as good as it functions, with a user interface and experience that influences, enlightens and lets individuals achieve the goals they laid down.

Our professional UI and UX designers understand all the steps in a good user experience and how to make your mobile/web app a success. Our teams stay up to date with the latest trends in mobile and can customize your application, whether it is native, hybrid or web. We know what makes an app intuitive and impressive, enhancing the satisfaction and loyalty of its users.

SoftPillar delivers a comprehensive UI/UX solution for mobile apps that meet your exact specifications.