With the digital technology engulfing our education system, every institution whether big or small, online or public/private, etc. are bound to embrace this change, as this is the need of the hour. As learning and technology go hand in hand, the learners are taking to the digital medium such as social, mobile and Cloud to accomplish academic needs.
We, at Softpillar Technologies Education Practice, act as an enabler to help educational institutions identify and deal with the changing environment. We offer a complete portfolio of education technology solutions for these institutions after analyzing opportunities, challenges, stakeholder expectations and the expertise required to deal with it. Our solutions range from Business Transformation Strategy and Enterprise Architecture Consulting Services; to Application Design, Development, Implementation, Maintenance and Support; to IT Infrastructure and Business Process Outsourcing.

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With IT infrastructure outsourcing, you can get better help for your organization, since there is a team of experts with them. The organizations have a consistent monitoring system and they offer 24/7 support. With their experience, your businesses can have full advantage of the outsourcing service provider. The organizations have streamlined business processes by breaking the projects into small modules that can then be shared across their branches, to ensure that work gets done in the area that does it faster, better and cheaper.You can save lots of the money with outsourcing. This can help you achieving cost effective services from experts. Before you do, it is essential to realize that these professionals won’t always give you the best quality work.


Sophisticated performance engines that power the infrastructure for IoT software, AI, blockchain, data analytics, and other cutting-edge innovations.


Build enterprise storage on the cloud or on-premise. Heightened scale and hybrid solutions that you can cherry-pick to suit your business needs.


Manage and control your workloads more efficiently using unique software solutions that function across platforms and manages the usage dynamics.

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