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Digital transformation within organization is the key to take businesses to new heights. Enterprise grade applications be it mobile, desktop or web can’t be ignored. Developing in-house apps with complex set of technical skills and knowledge will have its own time and budget constraints.
Collaborating with partners offering application development managed services help s in realizing digital transformation goals successfully Retainer Model - Digital Transformation Offshore Application Development As A Service Application development managed services for digital transformation is a beneficial strategic alliance and an engagement framework that defines collaboration depending on the level of control and responsibility that customers’ envisage.
Agile Ideas offers simple retainer model for customer companies in their digital transformation initiative through technologies, skill set and infrastructure. Our retainer model caters to digital transformation through enterprise mobility offshore application development as a service

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Agile Ideas as an offshore application development partner , rapid team deployment along with world class infrastructure is our asset to jump start Digital Transformation. We offer managed services through Time and Material business model where the desired skilled resources will work as an extended staff for project and duration specified by customers . Gathering overall competence i n delivering enterprise applications for process automation, we excel in bringing valued advantage to customer business through offshore development services . With retainer model , having time tested proven framework and methodologies readily in place , digital transformation solutions’ time-to-market is swift.

Why choose Agile Ideas for your end-to-end Managed IT Services?
Backup as a Service

Backup as a Service centers on backups and recovery. With managed backups, all the data stored on your infrastructure will be duplicated and stored on a secure off-site server. The frequency of backups is dependent on the recovery plan.

Desktop as a Service

With Desktops as a Service (DaaS), a third party hosts the back end of a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). So, when you log in to your DaaS, the entire operating system is being run from the MSP’s virtual cloud infrastructure.

Networking and Infrastructure

Networking and Infrastructure can mean a couple of things. Some Managed Services Providers will maintain servers virtually, conducting maintenance and backups off-site. Others will host and maintain servers in their own data centers or will rent space on their own servers.

Software as a Service

With Software as a Service, Managed Services Providers distribute applications via the cloud, and then act as the go-between for your company and the software developer. Sometimes you can go directly through the software developer, but by going through the MSP you’re guaranteed to always have the newest updates at no extra cost, and a more personalized customer service experience.

Support Services

Support Services cover helpdesk and troubleshooting needs. They are one of the most popular Managed Services on the market. With Support Services, the MSP takes care of everyday problems like password resets, or software updates.

Managed Packages

Managed Packages are full service managed solutions, designed to act as an In-House IT team. These packages combine multiple Managed Services solutions. At a minimum, they should involve some sort of security, backup, monitoring, and full Support Services.

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